Look Out! Gringo Jingo Kicks Off the Fourth Holiday Weekend in Bethesda!

July Fourth starts on Thursday the 3rd as this tribute to Carlos Santana makes its debut at the historic Bethesda Blues and Jazz Supper Club. Located in the strikingly cosmopolitan, upscale Bethesda, just minutes away from the Capitol Mall in DC – the club is a historic landmark and its recent revitalization is a testament to the growing music scene just a few blocks below in Northwest DC.

A night at the Bethesda Blues and Jazz Supper Club is a cozy treat for music lovers with its ornate stage and dimly lit dining area complete with white tablecloths and dinner service. Check out the menu here. The place has a cool, retro meets contemporary vibe and the dance floor in front of the stage is irresistible; just close enough to the band that you can almost reach out and touch them.

As for the band, Gringo Jingo has a few new songs to treat fans to and as usual, a fun, energy-packed show. Audience participation is required. “There’s one goal for us when we play, and that’s to get people up on their feet to dance,” says the band’s lead guitarist, Steve Reed. If you’ve ever seen Reed perform as Carlos Santana, you know how well he portrays that free, easygoing but energetic persona that Carlos does on stage. Watching Reed work the stage is a treat. “Its amazing what he can do with that guitar,” one fan from Maryland Live noted.

The full cast of band members are all amazing in their own right as well. We can’t say enough about the booming percussion section; in a word you might call it “acrobatic.” Some people might come just for drum solos. The vocal power is superb, something you need for a proper Santana Tribute. Remember, the old Santana may be full of long instrumentals and guitar solos, but his newer work is full of powerful vocals and copious lyrics. Its good stuff, old or new, and Gringo Jingo does it all, gets it perfect, and brings the house down every time.

Festival Watch: Americana Music Hits Westminster this Summer

Photo: Blues guitarist Gary Clark Jr. performing at Common Ground Baltimore in 2011. Photo: Balto. Sun

Common Ground on the Hill Festival July 12 – 14th Carroll County Farm Museum

This July we will celebrate the nations’ founding on the 4th. One week later Westminster will celebrate Americana music with McDaniel College’s Annual Common Ground on the Hill Americana Music Festival. What is “Americana” music? You ask; Continue reading

Meet the Band: Smokin’ Gunnz


Itching to try something new on the weekends? Tired of the same old same old? Meet the Band is our regular series introducing local bands who play in the area. Get to know your local live music options.

What Kind of Music do You Play?

Southern Rock

Crowds Go Wild When We Sing….

Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, The Allman Brothers

Crowd-pleaser Songs

We play all the hits from these bands plus some B sides

We Regularly Play at These Local Venues

The Stables in Westminster Md, Double K in Harrisburg PA. We do a lot of events bike week Gettysburg, Ocean City Md , Delaware State Fair check our web site www.smokingunnz.com

Visit us on Facebook

Anything new on the Set List?

We just finished our first full length original disk



What You Missed: A Little Magic at Stables

There’s something magical about a Problem Child show at Stables in Westminster. Its hard to put your finger on it, but cool stuff always seems to happen. Last weekend was no different, everybody came out for Problem Child. Not only did they come out, they came up on stage! Paul McGill from Half Serious joined in for a few and Francis Crouse from AC/DC tribute Big Jack set the stage on fire.

Continue reading

Who’s Badass? These Guys Are

Carbon@zippers (142crop)

So these guys in CARBONSTONE think they are badass, turns out they are.  I mean ‘slap your mother’ badass.  First, let’s catch our breath and back up for a minute for the beginners. CARBONSTONE is our very own Carroll County based alternative metal band. They have a strong regional presence having played venues like Rams Head Live, House of Rock, and the Circuit. They’ve opened for Fuel and Filter and you can hear them on the radio all over Maryland, northern Va. and southern Pa . The new album “What You’ve’ Become” drops this Saturday May 17th at what will be an “epic” release party in downtown Baltimore at Rams Head Live. Get tickets here, check out some songs here. Ok good?  Let’s get to the Badass.

If you buy CARBONSTONE’s CD ($10), right after you rip the plastic off you might find yourself turning it around over and over again to get it right side up. Corey James, the lead singer says that’s just what the band wants you to do. It seems they revel in shaking up your world on every level and that is just what the album and their live show will do. Don’t miss their anthem “Plaything” and both on the album and at the live show you will be treated to a killer Rolling Stones cover that will blow your mind.

This is their 3rd full length album and you will hear influences of Godsmack, Korn and Chevelle, but don’t be fooled, these guys are originals and they have a groove that is just irresistible; its like church for the jaded. This gang of four has a very loyal following, a testament to how well they have honed their craft . . . translation; their live shows are f#@king awesome.

These guys really feel it up onstage and it’s contagious. If you are really into the metal genre you will love them and if you aren’t you will be surprised how much love them when you see them live. Audience participation is a must with CARBONSTONE, stage dives happen periodically and of course there is always the infamous “shots” challenge.  These guys do all this without coming off as some kind of scary fake, metal characters, instead every sentiment is real; anger, passion, desire and glory all entwined with enticing melodies and ripping guitar solos. In the end it’s the bottomless groove of CARBONSTONE’s music that will move you.

So lets recap; superior nu metal, unbridled fun at their live show and a cranking new album on deck. . . Yeah that’s badass.


CARBONSTONE: Corey James – Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar | Neely Johns – Lead Guitar/Backup Vocals | Eric Dee Eckard – Bass/Backup Vocals | Nick Rivillas – Drums