What You Missed Last Weekend: Santana Tribute Rocks Harrington Casino

Harrington, Delaware – April 25, 2014

You know it was a great show if the drummer broke his sticks. Then it’s an “awesome” show if the conga player literally bangs his bongos onto the floor. Gringo Jingo’s show at Harrington Raceway & Casino in Delaware was that intense. The band seems to have that elusive quality or chemistry or “secret sauce” that just makes all the parts fit together into one polished act.

As promised, the concert was free-flowing and intense with breathtaking solos from the massive percussion section, a ripping keyboard, and the usual impeccable performance by the group’s own Carlos Santana tribute master, Steve Reed.

It was 90 minutes of Santana hits from beginning to end in front of a full house. “This band just rocks” says one concertgoer visiting from New Jersey, “. . . we’ve got to get back down for the next show.” Keith Talmud, whose seen a lot of tribute bands in his day as casino staff, was impressed as well, no small feat for man who seen just about everything.

It’s a visual show too in addition to the great music. It’s hard not to be captivated by vocalist Abby Otradovec, who is quite literally all over the stage, twisting, turning, dancing, jumping, and oh yeah singing her heart out. The drummer, Chris Myers is a great drummer but when he gets up front to sing on some songs he adds a smooth soulful vibe to music. Lead guitarist Steve Reed actually has that sincere onstage quality that Carlos Santana has, that’s what makes the act so real. It helps that he plays crazy guitar solos too. Whatever that secret sauce is Gringo Jingo definitely has it.

Here are some photos from the show. You can get the band’s schedule and view more photos on Gringojingo.com

Do you have some awesome pics from a show? Share them with us and they could be featured in the “What You Missed” series. You get photo credit and we get them to share them with our readers! Contact Shelley at Shelley@carrollcountylive.com.

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